Cybersecurity for Safer Society

Cyber Socially Responsible Initiatives

AICL fellows engage in socially responsible cyber initiatives designed to benefit different segments of the society. Please explore this section to get involved. 

* Cybersecurity Capacity Building Partner Program 

* Cyber Social Responsibility

* Cyber Entrepreneurship 

* Cybersecurity Apprenticeship Program 


Cybersecurity Capacity Building Partner Program

We have expertise available to help small countries with their cybersecurity needs. Please get in touch for additional details.  

Cyber Entrepreneurship

TekSoft Landing Program

This program assists global companies to develop a roadmap for their business expansion in the US market. Our program provides organizations with the necessary tools enabling meaningful connections with industry, government agencies,  and other organizations in the technology sector. 

AICL Cybersecurity Apprenticeship Program

A-CAP is in the Works


We are currently working on AICL Cybersecurity Apprenticeship Program (A-CAP). We are open to collaboration with interested organizations. 

AICL Proclamation


AICL calls upon the cybersecurity professionals and associations to recognize the value of apprenticeships, and to promote industry awareness and expansion during the fifth anniversary of the National Apprenticeship Week (November 13-17).

Cybersecurity Career Paths


This paper explores the current state of cybersecurity career paths and progression.  It is  sponsored by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) of the Department of Homeland Security, and authored by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) at Carnegie Mellon, 

Cyber Social Responsibility

Key Features

PhD Expert Led Projects

High Impact Community Projects

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Research Scholarship Fund

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AICL National Apprenticeship Week Proclamation