Americas Institute for Cybersecurity Leadership

A non-partisan think tank focused on cyber security discourse relevant to North America, Latin America and Caribbean.

About Us


Our mission is to impact global cyber security challenges, provide strategic insights and foster cyber security leadership for a safer digital society.


We envision a safe and secure digital environment enabling human freedom of expression and betterment of society, while respecting privacy of individuals, sovereignty of nation states and recognizing an inter-connected world economy. 


Objective and actionable policy solutions;  Morally committed and socially responsible leaders; Open and diverse dialogue; Rigorous and relevant research

Impact Areas

Policy Analysis

Our focus is towards effective cyber policy changes and impact cyber security discourse. This is achieved through Advisory Group comprised of senior executives and policy makers. 

Americas Region

Our aim is to improve cyber security environment in the world with particular emphasis on Central America, Caribbean and South America. We engage international stakeholders in the Advisory Group to address global cyber security issues including maritime industry. 

Cybersecurity Research

Aim is to conduct rigorous cyber security research, communicate results and pursue grant funding opportunities. Our endeavor is to collaborate with cyber security researchers, post-doctoral fellows, or doctoral students from cross the world.  

Cybersecurity Workforce Development

Aim is to foster cyber security leadership through training, awareness and  education programs. 

Public Affairs

We intend to be active in outreach to our local and international community. Please feel free to reach out to us for participation in events or creating valuable engagements. 


Contact Us

Please email us if you have any questions regarding cyber security.

Americas Institute for Cybersecurity Leadership

Brickell Avenue, Miami, FL