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Welcome to our research section! This section captures the contributions and intellectual output of AICL Fellows. These contributions are channeled through the following publication outlets: Cybersecurity Perspectives and Journal of Cybersecurity Awareness & Education. 

AICL Cybersecurity Perspectives


AICL’s Cybersecurity Perspectives (CyPer) serves as a forum for contemporary issues regarding cybersecurity leadership in the digital society. The aim of this journal is to provide meaningful dialogue to address cybersecurity, information privacy and digital ethics issues at the organizational and societal levels.


We seek to achieve this objective by publishing articles that: 

(1) provide innovative solutions and recommendations to well-known and emerging cybersecurity issues, 

(2) address controversial and interdisciplinary approaches, and 

(3) provide solutions to cybersecurity and privacy issues at the organizational and societal level based on established research.


We encourage ideas in the developmental stages. Our endeavor is to provide a platform to share diverse viewpoints on established and controversial cybersecurity and information privacy topics. 

Editorial Team

Dr. Gurvirender Tejay, Editor

Dr. Zareef Mohammed, Managing Editor

Dr. Abdul Charif, Technical Editor


C-Suite Perspectives

Industry Perspectives

Research Perspectives


Senior Executives

Policy Makers

Cybersecurity Professionals


Open Access

We follow Budapest Open Access Initiative (BOAI) funding model in that it all content is freely available to individuals and institutions without an embargo period. 

Journal of Cybersecurity Awareness and Education


Journal of Cybersecurity Awareness & Education (CAE Journal) serves as a forum for higher education students to develop their research foundations through a better understanding of core cybersecurity elements that underpin our National Infrastructure and a global technological integration. The journal aims to encourage student research to address cybersecurity challenges and, in the process, engage them in scholarly activities to instill the value of research as a critical component of cybersecurity profession. 


The scope of this journal is multi-disciplinary with broad focus on cybersecurity education, training and awareness. We encourage secondary research with an emphasis on identifying particularly vexing cybersecurity issues.


CAE Journal is dedicated to the dissemination of research contributions by students around the globe focused on improving information security. The journal intends to become a platform for students, cybersecurity practitioners, and business managers to gain foundational knowledge so as to develop lasting solutions for the pervasive information security problems.

Editorial Team

Dr. Derek Sedlack, Editor

Dr. Corinna B. Robinson,  Editorial Board Member

Dr. Gurvirender Tejay, Editorial Board Member

Jeffrey Schulman, Industry Editor

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Secondary Research

Review Articles

Case Studies




Cybersecurity Practitioners

 Business Managers 

Open Access

We follow Budapest Open Access Initiative (BOAI) funding model in that it all content is freely available to individuals and institutions without an embargo period. 

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