Cybersecurity for Safer Society

Cyber Policy Analysis Committee (CPAC)


Our focus is towards effective cyber policy changes and impact cybersecurity discourse. This is achieved through different Working Groups addressing significant cybersecurity challenges facing the Americas digital environment. Each group involves practitioner scholars and knowledge experts. The Advisory Group comprised of senior executives and policy makers provides oversight and direction to various working groups.

CPAC Working Groups

WG1 Cybersecurity Strategy

Dr. Derek Sedlack

Dr. Kimberley Dunkerley

Dr. Roger Seeholzer

Dr. Charles Edwards

Dr. Ann-Marie Horcher

Mauricio Angee

Tina Honey

WG2 Healthcare Cybersecurity

Dr. D. Arlo Bess

Ed Joseph

Johnny Guimaraes

Lynne Cotton

WG3 Information Privacy

Dr. Patrick Offor

Dr. Zareef Mohammed

Frederick Hicks

Alexis Perdereaux-Weekes


Committee of the Americas Region


Our aim is to improve cybersecurity environment in the world with particular emphasis on North America, Central America, Caribbean and South America. We engage international stakeholders in the Advisory Group to address global cybersecurity issues. The Working Groups involves practitioner scholars and knowledge experts. 

Working Groups

WG1 Global Cybercrime

Dr. Sean Zadig

Dr. Gary Doss

Dr. James Lewis

Dr. John Gray

Dr. Abdulrahim Charif

Shannon-Dean Stewart

Julian Sandoval

Domingo Castillo

WG2 Maritime Cybersecurity

Dr. Gurvirender Tejay

Orlando Santa Cruz

Felipe Andres Forero Hauzeur


Cyber Workforce Development Committee

The focus of this committee is to foster cybersecurity leadership through training, awareness and  education programs. 

Working Groups

Cybersecurity Reports

Cybercrime Reports